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DIFFCRASH v.5.2.29 released

Today DIFFCRASH in version 5.2.29 for LS-DYNA, PAMCRASH and RADIOSS was released which includes several format handling improvements. Additionally following changes are included:

  • Internal switch to 64bit computations allows to handle bigger file sizes
  • Bug fix for Export_add (Pamcrash and Radioss only)
  • Bug fix for GUI based export to femunzip
  • Bug fix for Merge_All in Radioss format
  • Bug fix for the export of rigids in LS-Dyna


Version 5.2.29 is the final DIFFCRASH 5 release and will be maintained though not expanded by means of algorithms or new features in the future.

The new version requires the FLEXNET SIDACT license daemon and a related license. The daemon is available on our web pages. You can download both the new version and the license daemon in our Client-Area.


FEMZIP-N v1.7.2 and FEMUNZIP-N v1.7.11 were released
SIDACT at 6th OpenFOAM Conference in Hamburg, 23rd to 25th of October 2018.
SIDACT at 36th CADFEM ANSYS Simulation Conference in Leipzig, 10th to 12th of October 2018.
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