Simulation Data Analysis and Compression Technologies

Simulation Data Analysis and
Compression Technologies

Big-data” and “numerical simulation results” are the major focal points for SIDACT’s scientific research, development and distribution of applications. In particular,  SIDACT concentrates on

  • compressing numerical simulation results for improved usability and
  • using advanced math for the analysis of such results for new and enhanced insights.

SIDACT develops, maintains and distributes the following licensed products:

  • FEMZIP – Compression of Crash, Structural Analysis, and CFD simulation results by a factor of 10.

  • DIFFCRASH – Analysis of instabilities in crash simulation results.
  • SDMZIP - Compressing Sets of Simulation Results

SIDACT also offers

  • Service, support and training for FEMZIP and DIFFCRASH installations and
  • Implementation of compression and math analysis modules for current and also other application areas.

Customers of SIDACT include all German automotive companies, two of the three US car manufactures and many of the major European and Asian companies as well as their suppliers and consultants.


SIDACT at German LS-DYNA Forum 2016, 10th to 12th of October 2016.
SIDACT at 18th SIMVEC conference in Baden-Baden
SIDACT at 4th Annual OpenFOAM User Conference, 11/12th of October 2016
Lego Roboter Wettbewerb der Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
SIDACT auf dem 2. Platz der "Best of Startups"
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